Cranked Magazine: Issue 22

Cranked Magazine: Issue 22

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We are excited to introduce the latest copy of Cranked MTB magazine into our Store. Cranked is the heart and soul of mountain biking and digs deep into the people, events and stories that comprise the sport.

Cranked MTB Magazine issue 22 is the ‘feed your curiosity’ issue. The magazine takes a trip to South Africa’s wine region to do stuff with bikes that’s best tackled, frankly, with a clear head; Tym Manley celebrates a 90s racer who was years ahead of his time; eBikes come of age with the start of a new race series; and Cranked talks to three riders about their life-changing accidents – and what they’re doing about life in a wheelchair. Plus there are stories about building trails and community in the desert, a magical history trail tour, why dropper posts are upside down, and the longest journey ever to buy an ice cream*. Probably.

  • Darkfest – the art of nudging boundaries
  • Falling Up – when guardian angels look the other way
  • A Blaze of Glory – a young star’s legacy, 25 years on
  • Oh Man – building trails and community in the desert
  • Bikes and Trousers – when droppers are uppers, and other stories

*We love ice cream.