Cranked Magazine: Issue 32

Cranked Magazine: Issue 32

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Features include:

Ghost Rider

 Joolze Dymond From privateer to factory, the Short way


 Chris Maloney A cheeky game of access bingo

Slow Burn

 Dan Milner Escher sketch, Argentinian-style

Goddess Caves

 Carmen Rey Wine, women and bikes

Mainly human, part machine… 

 Franky Simmons Steve Austin rides bikes. Who knew?


 Anthony Smith One giant wilderness, five riders


 Eric Hildrew The art of falling gracefully

A River Runs Through It

 Tommy Wilkinson Northumbrian arteries of life

After the burn

 Eddie Clark Tinderbox trail remodelling in Colorado

Living the dream

 Ian Storer It’s just a (dream) mountain bike

The Reluctant King

 Seb Rogers Trans-Alpine adventures for a new generation

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