OTB Since 2016 enamel mug

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Brews and biscuits form an important part of the mountain biker’s diet, and this special enamel mug has the perfect width opening for dunking anything from a Malted Milk to a full Digestive.

Misspent Summers was founded in 2016 and we’ve been slowly working out how a business works since then.

We love riding bikes and our slogan ‘Over the bars since 2016’ combines our passion for two-wheeled acrobatics with the story of our company.

The design laser-etched onto this premium enamel mug is our unofficial crest of arms – a bike rider (could be any of us) going OTB on our 3D logo.

Misspent Summers OTB enamel mug stuff and things

  • Laser etched in Cornwall, UK
  • Over The Bars Since 2016 slogan and design
  • Red highlight for an eye-catching look and easy aim when going for a dunk
  • 8cm diameter (a Digestive is about 6.4cm)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for van life and fireside brews
  • £18

Why buy from Misspent Summers

Misspent Summers is an independent company run by passionate mountain bikers. You may think it is a small organisation, but it’s probably much smaller than you think. That’s why every single purchase makes a big difference and helps us keep the lights on, doing our work recording the history of mountain biking and hopefully inspiring people to ride more bikes.

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