JGSP08: Let's go racing

JGSP08: Let's go racing

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In his Ink Shack, Jon Gregory riffs on mountain biking — well, bikes in general. Then he makes a limited edition product that is available for one week only.

With the news rolling in that we may still get to witness a pretty packed downhill race season this week I got pretty excited. The double-header format (something to do with trains apparently) will be a welcome factor and another part of the mix for the racers to deal with. Two high drama race weekends rolled in to one! Wow!.

There's nothing quite like racing in terms of the buzz for me. The spectacle of the worlds best bike handlers all coming together to battle it out at speeds most of us can only dream of. The nerves, the anxieties, the pressures, the calculation, the whole energy surrounding a race is infectious and addictive. Each and every race unique and unpredictable. I can't wait to witness the drama when it all kicks off again. In reality there is still a huge great question mark looming over the series but I'm staying positive... let's go racing!

See the full artwork and Jon's thoughts and process on the Ink Shack designs here.