Enduro Spice JGSP10

Enduro Spice JGSP10

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I got the inspiration for this design after reading an article in the 2018 edition of ‘The World Stage’. Chris Kilmurray’s ‘The Spice’ piece had me thinking straight away about how I could visualise his words. That was over a year ago and I scribbled down an idea and forgot about it. Whilst cooking a spicy bean and rice dish earlier in the week, I picked up the chilli powder and the initial sketch I had done popped in to my head. I figured It was about time to re-visit.

The Enduro World Series. The youngest member of the competitive mountain biking race scene. A near perfect blend of ingredients that maximises the spirit of adventure, travelling to new places across the globe and the fun of racing downhill. I think most importantly Enduro maximises time on the bike as well. Each and every venue has a unique and distinct flavour. If variety is the spice of life then the World Series has it by the bucketload.

Here’s the vintage 2018 season printed on a grey ‘Asphalt’ T-shirt.