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Can you read a podcast? Yes, you can: Downtime EP is the paper-and-ink incarnation of the best mountain biking podcast, bringing the ideas, vibe and entertainment of Downtime Podcast to a coffee table near you.

     EP2 gets inside the minds of riders and racers, amateurs and pros, exploring and explaining a shared love of the sport through painstakingly compiled stories, photography, illustration and design.

     In this issue we catch up with uphill addict Ben Hildred (Pedalling to Mars on a Packet of Crisps) and enduro specialist Katy Winton (The Lows and Highs of Being Pro). Chris Kilmurray discusses future-proofing the next generation of racers and Aaron Bartlett ponders Discovery’s takeover of the World Cup broadcast. Daisy Maddinson explores ways we can shape mountain biking into a more diverse sport, and Chris Hall chats sustainability.

     Other features include a spicy adventure in Ecuador, a love letter to downhill, two stunning photo essays, and numerous opinion pieces, podcast extracts and insight.

     Jackson Goldstone is photographed by Sven Martin for the cover.

     Downtime EP is a biannual print collaboration between Misspent Summers and Downtime Podcast. Supported by Nukeproof and Marin Bikes.

EP2 is supported by: Nukeproof and Marin Bikes

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