Cranked: Issue 20

Cranked: Issue 20

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Cranked is a high-quality mountain bike magazine that explores the world of mountain biking. Community, insight, adventure and trail culture. Read more about it here.

Features include:

  • Slow Bonnie Boat – taking the high road, while it’s still there
  • Tall Bike Story – vertigo sufferers need not apply
  • Readers’ Drives – the joys of infernal combustion
  • Posh Plumbing – slaying metalwork demons
  • Greenland Melting – riding on the edge (of climate change)

From the editor, Seb Rogers: Cranked 20 is our ‘pushing boundaries’ issue. Dan Milner heads off to the reclusive kingdom of Bhutan and discovers an almost unknown enduro paradise (but at a price). Meanwhile, Huw Oliver discovers a new way to link up ancient Scottish trails on the west coast, and Ryan Stuart and Ben Haggar brave oceans of ice and unpredictable weather in Greenland. Jo Burt’s got a bee in his bonnet about shotgun etiquette (not what you’re thinking), Cass Gilbert chops up an old steel frame and comes up with something entirely unexpected, editor Seb goes back to school to banish his metalwork demons, Pete Scullion spits his dummy out above a Norwegian fjord and we talk to a whole bunch of riders about their favourite four wheeled companion. It’ll get you thinking. And riding.