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Get a collection of Misspent Summers books at a reduced rate by ordering this bargain book bundle, including a feast of downhill and gravity titles with thousands of combined photos, dozens of stories and reports, and untold quantities of bicycle greatness.

Included in the bundle: Hurly Burly 2023, The World Stage 2023, Spent 2, Downtime EP2, Hurly Burly 2022, Hurly Burly 2021, Meltdown, Custard Cream zine

Bought individually, the total cost of all seven books + one zine would be £139. Buy the bundle for just £110.

Every purchase helps us keep recording the history of mountain biking in our books, zines and online content. Thank you in advance for your support.

Bundle includes:

  • Hurly Burly 2023
  • The World Stage 2023
  • Spent 2
  • Downtime EP2
  • Hurly Burly 2022
  • Hurly Burly 2021
  • Meltdown (2020 MTB yearbook)
  • Custard Cream zine
  • £110